Alibaba recently obliged his Instagram followers the opportunity to ask him any question they like and trust Nigerians,Millennials especially…the questions came rolling in droves.From the funny,to the bizzare and then some few intelligent ones and Alibaba graciously answered as many as he could. But Timi Dakolo asked a very important one which Alibaba took time to answer in two separate posts.

Below are his answers in two parts :

PART 1 “After I answered this question yesterday, someone munched it and sent to my DM. Requesting that I explained it better. I first thought, haba, is this not clear enough? Then this evening I had received 4 messages in the same mind track of further clearance. So here we go. When I decided to become a professional comedian, I took in the philosophy of why all primary and secondary school education entailed all subjects. Maths, integrated science, civics, literature, art, technical drawing, handwriting and compositions, French, HISTORY, etc and of course, English language: that is the language all that is the blood that flows through all the subjects. Like the currency of trancsaction. Anyway, the either for teaching these broad spectrum of subjects is to allow the impressionable mind of a young scholar to be triggered with knowledge that would eventually crystallize into a specific subject of study or discipline. So to really sink my teeth into poetry, i went back to study the complete works of Shakespeare. As you may not know, all his plays were poetic verses. Then many Nigerian poetic offerings. Next stop was stage plays and acting skills. National theatre and PEK theatre were my training ground. Done, I moved to Radio. Bisi Olatilo (bless him Lord) took me on. He taught me about radio presentation plus a practical crash course in broadcasting. I was an upcoming comedian, he coined the Mcee out of me. He then introduced me to two great men #RalphOkpara and #IkennaNdagoba. These two men showed me where all the bodies were buried. I exhumed all! Uncle Ikenna will say “Young man write that phrase down… you will need it later”. Uncle Ralph will say, “the damage pidgin English has done to your vocabulary and pronunciation has to be corrected for the world to enjoy your rich mind”. I wrote that down. The day I saw this in one of my notes, I screamed. Anyway, back to the learning curve. I started cartooning for Fame Magazine. Then, also started writing a weekly column for Sunday Times “Jokes Apart”. Still in the early 90s I took up a role as an extra in The Honourables, an NTA series and capped it with many cameos and regular appearances on Morning Ride and…”
PART 2  “…and The Sunday Show with #DrLiviAjuonoma. The interesting thing that many did not know, was happening at the time was that I used the opportunity to learn production and presentation. I was assistant floor manager for many productions. Then one day, in 1993, someone came to NTA with an advert copy. I ready the copy and told the guy who brought it, it did not do justice to the product he was promoting. He said “as if you can do better?” My copy is still the product’s brand identity till tomorrow. Of course after that encounter opened the doors to my ghost writing of copy for agencies. Just tell me the product. That’s all. Photography was an old passion and picking it up again wasn’t a hard call. Events management I learnt in my brief stay in #DPLekkiLtd organizers of #LekkiSunsplash. I mopped all the knowledge I could glean. There was no time. I was in a hurry. My interest in movies was docile till “My Guy”, where I met Rita Dominic. After that, I studied the film industry thoroughly. I saw a common thread in all of these sectors of entertainment. And that was, CREATIVITY CAN BE APPLIED ACROSS BOARD, JUST TWEAK IT TO FIT THE SECTOR. But first understand the sector’s what, how, why, when, where and which, and all the boxes will get ticked as you synch all…. with these few points of mine,”


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