“My immediate family didn’t think my dream would become a reality,not to talk of outsiders.”- Stan Nze

Stan Nze is one of Nollywood’s fast rising millennial stars who has featured in so many movies.But according to him,getting into the industry wasn’t all that rosy.He had to persevere and remain consistent.Hear him..

“When I decided to act, my immediate family didn’t think my dream would become a reality, not to talk of outsiders. I didn’t believe in it so much too. I knew I was passionate about acting, but initially it didn’t feel like something one could do as a career.”

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“I got into University, and I joined a drama group in church. I ministered almost every Sunday. Whenever I did, people would come to me to say, “Ah Stan, you dey act o. There’s something different about you. You should do this professionally.” That was the confirmation I needed to pursue acting as a career.
I started owning it, believing in it and becoming it. If you don’t believe in your dream well enough, people will talk you out of it. So even when I was broke, times when no one was giving me jobs, or when it didn’t look like I would make it, I stayed because I knew I was in the right place.
I just took it a day at a time. I made some mistakes, like frying my hair because I thought that was what would push me out there, lol. I tried to dress in a particular way just to be recognised. I did all sorts. But I discovered myself and stopped trying to do things the way everyone was doing.
I’m not where I want to be but I’ve definitely come so far. My rock and foundation is Jesus. He already knows my end from the beginning, so all I need to do is lean on him and allow him to lead.”

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