Mandi is a Millennial  Media Personality and self-acclaimed “Visual Food Storyteller”.She was a slim girl growing up according to her but she has gained weight over-time and it was a bit of struggle getting back to shape.But something motivated her to achieve her body goals.This is what she posted on her instagram handle recently,,,

“New body, who dis ? || Every year for my birthday (April 25th) I usually gift myself with a little something something. This year going back to the gym was the gift. I started off well then life decided to come at me hard one month into my fitness journey. I ended up falling off the gym for a couple of weeks then I bounced back.”

“When I was younger I used to be so full of myself because my genes were loyal af but the older I got my genes decided it’s time to betray me! See, I had mastered the art of wearing things that hid my thickness. As much as I hid my thickness ppl felt the need to remind me of how I’ve put on weight. I found the comments to be very unnecessary. Matter of fact, ppl need to stop minding other ppls bodies. Anywho, what bothered & motivated me was I wanted to enjoy looking at myself naked or just in the mirror & be in love with my bod. To make this long story short, I WANTED TO BE MY OWN BODY GOALS. It’s been 4 months now & man I’m just getting started. I feel & look so good! Training with @shiv_justgymit was thee best choice I made. Not only is he a great trainer but damn he sure has schooled me on a lot! To top it off he put me on a flexible diet so I’m not eating salads nor adhering to the no carbs after 6 crap. I’m eating delicious throwdowns, less portions & tracking my meals. The thing about the gym is, it’s mind over matter. Lift today, be sore tomorrow but you gotta keep at it. Consistency, Patience & Hard work breeds results. Your body is your home so take good care of it!Peep my latest vlog (link in bio) to see a glimpse of what I eat, the app I use to track meals & how ham I go in the gym. #PreeMe #BeYourOwnBodyGoals #NoMoreSuckingInTheBelly #MadeItALifestyle #IAintNeverEatenASaladSinceIStartedGyming #WhenIGetAbsYallNotBreathing 🤣”


  1. Love your recipes Joanna, keep them coming!

  2. Will you be writing a recipe for a brownie?

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