Adetoke Oluwo (@SGTCclothing): “I started this business with 50,000 Naira”

Adetoke Oluwo has revealed how she started her now popular fashion brand “SGTC”. A fantastic brand which has taken the Lagos fashion scene by storm and spreading really fast among millennials. The challenges she faced and how God brought her through.Hear her:

“Style.Goes.To.Church,(sgtc)A name God gave me in my Office as I thought about starting an IG Page,@stylegoestochurch that would be void of “Hate Comments” from there,@sgtcclothing was birthed…….OCTOBER 28,2016

Many may wonder what the “big deal” is and why I’ve been shouting like “owning a Business is a new thing” but guys,@sgtcclothing is my Miracle. It is more than a Business but God telling me how he truly is “a Miracle Worker “.
I have always wanted an extra source of Income even though I hated Business because I do not like asking People for Money owed. I managed to save up “a huge sum of Money” over years of working in the TV Department that I would use it for any Business. I was so confused because God has blessed me with many talents and I didn’t quite know what to do. In January 2016,I was in a meeting with @surlinewealth,Praying fervently for Direction for the Year and I HEARD IT LOUD AND CLEAR IN MY SPIRIT -Adetoke,Give that Money you’ve been saving for Business to “further the Gospel of Jesus Christ “😲😲I broke out in sweat😥…..I stood up and said Satan get thee behind me,HOW??The Holy Spirit reminded me of how I’ve been praying for a Financial Miracle and that the devil can never tell me to Give and that was my opportunity. I said Holy Spirit,THIS IS JANUARY,DRY SEASON OF THE YEAR,He answered- HAVE I EVER FAILED YOU???He said SOW THAT SEED AND WATCH ME DO WHAT NO MAN CAN DO
I went to meet @surlinewealth and told her,She started jumping in Joy and congratulating me (you need good friends around you)I got home and told my Family,They were happy but truth is,I didn’t sleep well that night…Oh the Devil came to taunt me..but I held on to ROMANS 10 VS 11

Guys,No Business came!No new Contract or Job!!I didn’t know God was cooking something BIGGER!From January,IT HAPPENED IN OCTOBER!!GOD IS NEVER LATE!!He prompted me to snap Pictures and FROM 1 PICTURE ON IG,@sgtcclothing was birthed LIKE A JOKE!!!!!

I made all the money I gave in January back IN ONE DAY!!!WITHOUT ANY KNOWLEDGE IN BUSINESS OR FASHION!!God started marketing me himself!!(contd)
[9:00 AM, 11/4/2017] +234 909 170 6835: adetokeoluwo I started this Business with 50,000 Naira,now I buy fabrics worth hundreds of thousands in a Day. I am not trying to say “I have arrived” or form big girl but just trying to say GOD IS GREAT!And it pays to TRUST HIM COMPLETELY!!!!Even me,I am still trying to grasp the fact that I own one of the most prolific SMEs in Nigeria today! It has been CHALLENGING,OVERWHELMING AND STRESSFUL,YES!!But God’s blessings come with no sorrow so I always pick myself up!!!!So,As we clock ONE today,I am grateful for his Word!!!I am grateful for @sgtcclothing,My Miracle!!I am grateful that he chose me to flaunt with!!!TRUST GODCOMPLETELY GUYS!!!!HE KNOWS YOUR FUTURE!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY @SGTCCLOTHING

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