Subomi Plumptre , a Brand and Social media Strategist at Alder consulting who is also at the forefront of educating and mentoring millennials posted some few weeks back on her Instagram page this tough question which someone asked her, and the following was her response:

“Someone asked a very important question: “Why are you intelligent but not rich?” Here is my answer:
I am intelligent but not rich, because I was too busy using my brain to build a business, when the same brain could ALSO have been used for investing. The opportunities to make money were not hidden. They were in plain sight, but I assumed the business would eventually make me “hammer”. Now I know better.
The business has impacted so many lives and society but, it is what I do with its proceeds in the investment world, that will make me rich. I have now adjusted and will soon be rich. #InvestInYourself #Wealth”

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