“…there has been tears,laughter…” – Mojisola Obajimi (CEO-#PerfectMelange)

Mojisola has come a long way.The Pro Jewelry designer and Entrepreneur we all see and admire today as Millennials was not formed on a bed of roses.She has had to work really hard and make several sacrifices to get to where she is today according to her.She recently had a few things to say about it on one of her social media platforms…

“As a kid, I jumped on every possible handmade skill. Growing a little older, beads caught my attention and my mother’s beads suffered destruction, so I was quickly taken to a place where all my ideas could be guarded and turned into wearable pieces.”

“I started making Jewelry 13 years ago but I had to go to school in between. As soon as I was done with my service year, I got a job and thought I could balance working for a corporate organization and running my business.

It was so stressful, as both the business and my job started to complete for my full attention. I had to choose about 4 years ago and that was when I started Perfect Mélange. It was challenging at first, as I didn’t have a large capital to build the business the way I thought it in my head, so I started by making simple pieces and my family and their friends became my target market.

Everyone connected to me somehow knew I made beads because It became a part of everything that defined me. It wasn’t easy and I almost gave up a number of times but when I remember I had no other means of livelihood, my energy & drive tripled.
Focus, hard work and determination drove me to overcome my fears, and crave for greater success. I’ve done almost everything in my power to make my business grow. I still have a long way to go but I NEVER forget my GOALS & I can proudly say I’ve ticked them off the list at the specific time I wanted them achieved!”

It has been a wonderful 5 years (Swipe left to see what I looked like 5years ago 🙈), there has been tears, laughter, great growth, self-development, and eye opening challenges and I can boldly say that I’m #CoolLikeThat “

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