Why I abandoned law for brand marketing —Adetayo Olufunmilola

Adetayo Oluwafunmilola, a Law graduate of Lagos State University, is a brand and marketing strategist with years of experience working in PR and digital marketing for big brands and start-ups. Olufunmilola who is also the Chief Executive Officer of ourwedding.com.ng. in this interview by TAYO GESINDE, talked about her experience as a young lawyer and why she developed cold feet for litigation.

Why I studied Law

I was encouraged to study law because of my parents,as there were clear similarities, between my hobbies and what law entails. I actually did not see myself studying anything else at that time and filled law as both choices in my JAMB exams.

My experience with Oyo State Ministry of Justice

It was worthwhile, I discovered the in-depth experience of practising law, what making a case entails, how documents are processed, drafted and more. It was quite tedious for a young wig as I had to tend to many cases and attend many court sessions but overall, it was a challenge I loved.

Why I gave up Law for PR, Marketing and entrepreneurship

I have always had interest in some aspects of law like property law, entertainment law and the likes but I developed cold feet for litigation during my service year as I had to appear in court most times, and the last straw that broke the camel’s back came for me when we all had to scramble out of the courthouse when we heard incantations and someone blew some white powder right in the middle of a court session. I knew I had my excuse to call it quits and follow my other interests.

Challenges faced in my new field

A couple of challenges came up initially at the beginning; I needed to understand the “sociosphere” of digital marketing coupled with joggling my regular life with work, connecting with the audience and vendors but it was a challenge that I needed time to overcome. I realised content is king and focused on providing quality content and over time, the followers, fans, vendors and clients started adding up.

How I came about the brand, Our Wedding

As I completed my service year, as usual, we were advised not to be idle just in case job search wasn’t favourable. So, I started thinking of things I could do on my own (outside litigation) and came up with the idea of a wedding blog, which my husband helped redefine and told me to think bigger and beyond the website. I had weird names at first but when my husband corrected the name mywedding to Ourwedding, it just stuck because it appealed to everyone that is married and in the wedding industry.

 My motivation

I try not to stray too far from the wedding industry as it is a large and inexhaustible industry which includes the make-up sector, event planning, food sector, fashion, gift items, photography, MC, hotel and tourism, medical tourism and lots more. I just study and notice the gap in each sector and create a product/service to plug this gap. In some cases, I partner with someone already in the sector to help expand or bring together people with interests to help plug the gap.

My assessment of the event/wedding industry in Nigeria

The event/wedding industry has the tendency to be one of the biggest in Nigeria. Imagine an average of 1,000 weddings in each state multiplied by 36 every weekend and imagine a number of people it employs before, during and after each wedding, it is no wonder a lot of youths are tapping into it. We live at a time where the millennia understands the need to spend on an event or a wedding; now we can easily justify the need to spend hundred thousands of naira for make-up or photography, a thing that seemed absurd just 15 years ago. The industry is big enough to accommodate every bright mind but I feel we have to check ourselves to curb unprofessionalism and ensure every vendor is properly trained with a proper database listing every vendor in the industry.

There is also a need to brew harmony among the different vendors and sectors of the wedding industry which is why we initiated the O.M.V.S (Ourwedding Mega Vendor Shoot) which is a bridal themed shoot bringing different vendors under one roof to showcase for free, get quality photos and meet other vendors they can partner with in the future. We hope this becomes a monthly event and reach more vendors all over Nigeria and beyond.

Combining your career with the home front

There is time for everything, my family comes first, but then I find a way to balance everything. I source content at my spare time during the day and post all sourced content the next morning. If I have a 10-minute break between chores, I respond to my emails, private messages, comments and inquiries. I also noticed the frequency of divorce and separation, these days due to many factors, it is only wise to keep your family close and together.     is a strong believer in the institution of marriage and not just the “feferity” of the wedding itself. I’m sure career can wait a few minutes while I tend to the family.

Advice for young ladies

My advice for young ladies out there is that they should find their dreams, start from somewhere and keeping pushing. A little (if not more) research won’t hurt to know how you can do yours differently with a better effect and do not be shy to learn from your mistake and from other people.

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