Tosina Ajibade aka Olorisupergal who is the founder of the popular blog and media outfit recently put out series of advice and nuggets for her followers and millennials generally to help them make the best of the new year.

Olorisupergal is fast becoming one of the most influential media outfit in Nigeria and this is no mean fit considering the number of media outfit in Lagos alone.Read what she has to say :

“Put yourself, and your work, out there everyday, and you’ll start meeting amazing people. .

Building a substantial body of work takes a long time so forget about decades, forget about years. Focus on the days. .

Once a day, after you’ve done your days work, go back to your documentation and find one little piece of your process that you can share. Where you are in your process will determine what that piece is. If you are in the early stages, share your influences and what’s inspiring you. If you’re in the middle of executing a project, share your work in progress. If you’ve just completed a project, show the final product, share scraps from the cutting-room floor or share what you learned.
I started a series on YouTube on Influencer Marketing in 2017 – you can watch the series on this channel – YouTube.com/olorisupergaltv. Episode 4 drops this weekend. #InfluencerMarketing training will hold on January 19, 2018 at the @ilxcenter.”

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