Damilola who is an Entrepreneur ; a Fashion Stylist and the Creative head behind HausOfAbeni recently stated how the now fast growing Clothing brand started. The brand which is fast becoming popular among Fashion forward Millennials of Lagos was born howbeit in a dramatic way but came to fill a clear gap in the creative clothing design industry in Nigeria.Read…

” The ONE DRESS that singlehandedly started the #hausofabeni Movement!”

“2 years ago, before Hausofabeni became a ” WE”, there was just an ” I ”
who loved to look good but was on a budget like no human being should be. Lol!
There was a 60 year birthday celebration that required an outfit that will exude both elegance and sophistication . I knew the look I wanted but I couldn’t afford to buy it.
I whipped out this old fabric and voila, and with the help of a tailor who joined my crazy cuttings together, this dress was a major hit at the party and before the party ended, I got 4 orders! Hausofabeni was birthed at that party!
Looking at the same dress, 2 years apart , I can honestly count my blessings seeing how far we’ve come as a business from that one dress.

Thinking about starting a business?
1. You don’t have to have it all figured out, just start somewhere! Anywhere!
2. Try different models, fail , take your learnings and make better profitable decisions. I’ve had moments when I just wanted to quit and stay in my safe 9-5! Unfortunately or fortunately I’m just too in love and obsessed with clothes to stop!
3. Find something you’re passionate about and give it your best shot! The money may not be what you expected at first , but the passion will keep you going till you break even and the money starts rolling in!”

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